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Dearest Chetty,
Yes. I am about a month overdue. But I realize this was always in my drafts while I was still in school. LOL. ANYWHO. My dear soulmate, you warm my heart like no other broskie. Can’t believe we started our friendship due to the fact of my clumsiness (the ever so famous tapatio incident) and your overwhelming kindness. OH LOOK CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.
But anywho. A lot has passed since that day, and man. Why are you still here?! JAY KAY! I love you seastar! Your persistence with keeping the group together astounds me. You know, since our group is rather huge and annoying. (Survivor: Oxnard forreal. ) Plus, the way you take your time to send random text/fb messages to encourage us is SO BEAUTIFUL that it melts my heart of stone. You are such a beautiful friend, inside and out! I am so glad I can call you my best friend/sister.
Love you to the moon and back bro!

Dearest Nancy,
 Let me tell you something about you. We were best friends in high school. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even… Whatever. 
Just kidding. I love you. I promise! But facebook/instagram/twitter sucked the corny-ness out of me! Besides, you don’t even go on tumblr. Just know that I love you my other half! I can’t believe you’re 21. Gross. So many stories, I don’t even know where to begin! Memories with you are priceless and to simply write them down will not suffice. You make the world go round….and sparkly.
I love you fool. <3 

LOL!!! I love how its already the 28th and I’m still celebrating my birthday, a month-long paaaaarty! Haha but thanks! That’s all I have to say. HAHA jk I am a woman of many words, I just wanna say that your message to me has made me oh so happy. :D And I wanna thank you, because of you, I am also now very clumsy! Hehe. Love you so much and I FREAKING MISS YOU A LOT! D: 

p.s. we have just been voted off the island. Lol!

wait what island!?!? and i don’t get it is this a joint post?!?! i mean i mostly here danielle…but i think i hear a bit of patricia in here too.. :/

Tue, January 1st 2013